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GOLD Exploration Projects (Mongolia & USA)

Since 2008, Gochioco led a team of Mongolian-US geoscientists to explore for epithermal, alluvial, and placer gold deposits in their country by combining field work and employing the most advanced remote-sensing geophysical technologies. Recently, LMG&A received a major contract from a US investment firm to conduct a major gold exploration studies and surveys at a western state starting this summer. Other domestic gold exploration projects may follow.

The Houston Geological Society (HGS)

The world’s largest geological society invited Gochioco to be the guest speaker for their June 15 monthly meeting and the title of his talk is “Coal Geophysics”. The event was sponsored by the HGS Environmental & Engineering Geology Interest.

The Houston Chronicle

On Sunday, June 13, the Houston Chronicle profiled Gochioco’s background, career, and the geophysical services his company provides to the global energy and mineral resource industries. The newspaper learned about him from his volunteerism as a Rotarian (Katy Sunrise Rotary Club) when he provided expert geophysical surveying services to US non-profit organizations. In this case, he successfully conducted a non-invasive electromagnetic survey to investigate an old Katy cemetery to verify the total of confirmed burials in the property with no anomalies.

USA (April)

A major coal seismic program was conducted in the mid-continent region to detect and image old coal mine workings.

Site preparation before seismic data acquisition.

Crew prepares to fire seismic source.

Group picture of crew after completing field project.

5th Annual SERCEL Technology Forum

On April 15, Gochioco gave a talk titled, “Environmental site assessment of oil fields and detecting legacy abandoned oil/gas wells”.


Due to robust growing demands for foreign investments and advanced technologies to enhance the exploration and development of their rich mineral resources, several Mongolian businesses requested Gochioco to visit their license tracts and provide expert advises on what measures to take and/or execute in order to attract international investors. Thus, an early winter trip was made in mid-March to investigate and confirm the estimated reserves of some strategic mineral deposits – coal, uranium, gold, iron ore, copper, titanium, etc.

Onsite field investigation of potential rich mineral deposits and prep work for the start of the Spring/Summer geophysical projects (Gochioco – middle).

Chinggis Khan’s legacy is remembered and honored by this large structure (similar to the US Statue of Liberty) where visitors can enter the building and have a strategic view of the valley.


Gochioco examined rock cores pulled from several drillholes to confirm the presence and reserve estimates of strategic mineral deposits.


High-Resolution 2D surface seismic reflection data collected in Mongolia
by JV partner, GeoSignals Co. Ltd.


Detecting Old Coal Mine Works in USA (February)

Abandoned old coal mine workings still pose serious safety issues to active underground coal mines from potential flooding and/or surface (building) structures from potential subsidence problems. Upon an urgent request from a new client, LMG&A conducted high-resolution 2D surface seismic reflection surveys in the middle of winter to demonstrate the effectiveness of this remote-sensing technology to detect and image old mine works.

Crew laid out seismic cables and geophones before data acquisition.

The 12-gauge seisgun was used as the seismic source.

Seismic recording system employed is shown in the background.

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