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Under contract with the UNDP, Gochioco traveled to Kemerovo, in Western Siberia, in early November to assist and train UGLEMETAN professionals on the benefits of employing the high-resolution surface seismic reflection method to detect and image geologic anomalies that could adversely impact underground coal mining. The field work was contracted to GEOTEK, a company based in Moscow. The field demonstration survey was conducted at the Komsomolets coal mine in the City of Leninsk.

Geotek seismic crew prepares to acquire the high-resolution surface seismic data under guidance from Gochioco.

Given the shallow depth of the coal seam, a 12-gauge seisgun and sledge hammer were used as seismic energies.

Group picture of the seismic team after completing the field survey (Gochioco – far right).

As expected, outside field conditions in Western Siberia were cold (~ -15° C) at the time of the field data acquisition. Imagine how much colder it could be if the survey was conducted in winter.


The northern coal basins of Mexico are riddled with numerous and complex faulting. As a result, underground longwall mining is very challenging. MICARE had tried to develop its own internal Coal Geophysics program since the 1980s but was unsuccessful. On its third attempt, Gochioco was contracted by the mining company to train their professionals in early October on how to properly design and execute coal seismic projects to detect and image faults or other geologic anomalies. Professionals from a leading research institution in Mexico, CICESE, participated in the field training and demonstration.

Field conditions of study area - laying seismic cables and geophones.

Gochioco demonstrates proper handling of seismic cables as part of the training.

Group picture of MICARE, CICESE, and LMG&A professionals at the conclusion of field data acquisition training.

Since the depth of the target coal seam was at a moderate depth, the seismic source employed was a trailer-mounted accelerated weight drop (Elastic Wave Generator).

Mexican & Russian Projects

The company increased its international coal geophysics program by securing new projects in Mexico and Russia. More details will be forthcoming.

ATENEO Sports Hall of Fame

Gochioco grew up in the Philippines and attended the exclusive Ateneo de Manila University (Jesuit School). He played for two varsity teams (Track & Field and Volleyball) since his high school freshman year in the 1970-71 season. He led the teams to six NCAA championships. In track, he excelled in the 110-m high and 400-m low hurdles. On August 8, the Jesuit School acknowledged his athletic and professional achievements, and inducted him to the school’s Sports Hall of Fame. He graduated with a BS Physics degree despite the common perception that star athletes are academically challenged. In 2009, the school celebrates its 150th Sesquicentennial year.

A mass preceded the Fabilioh XI awarding ceremonies held at the university campus on August 8. Inductees stood in the middle front row.

Fr. Bienvenido E. Nebres, S.J., Ateneo – president, (left) congratulated Gochioco (middle) on his induction as Mr. Victor Sison, ASHOF Chairman, (right) applauded.

NCAA Track & Field: 110-m high hurdles (circa 1973).

NCAA Volleyball Championship (circa 1973).

New Exploration Projects in Mongolia

In a recent July trip to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Gochioco met additional executives of local mining and energy companies. He managed to sign new memorandums of understanding and agreements to explore other strategic minerals of the country. Advanced US Geophysical technologies are being employed to enhance the exploration of coal, gold, iron ore, copper, uranium, etc. Within a year, the company will seek joint ventures to explore for oil and gas deposits in the country.

(L to R). Mr. A. Erdenebat, Live Energy Group President, Mr. L. Gochioco, LMG&A Inc. President, Mr. S. Batbold, Mongolian Foreign Trade Minister, and Mr. D. Galtbaatar, MNCCI Chief in Beijing.

New Asia-Pacific Office

Despite the global recession and tight credit markets, the company is moving forward with plans to open an office in Manila, Philippines, to serve the Asia-Pacific region. The subsidiary will provide valuable technical support to expanding US operations on a wide spectrum of global energy and environmental challenges requiring the development and application of innovative geophysical and nanotechnologies applied to Earth Sciences.

4th US-Mongolia Business Forum, Washington DC, June 9.

The 4th US-Mongolia Business Forum was held in Washington DC on June 9. Since Mongolia’s future is largely dependent on how it manages and develops its rich mineral deposits, the theme of this year’s meeting was on ENERGY (coal, renewables, oil, gas, and nuclear). Mr. S. Batbold, Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade, led the Mongolian delegation composed of other government officials and private business executives. Attendance reached about 170 delegates.

Michelle O’Neil, Acting Under Secretary for International Trade Administration, U.S. Department Commerce, Mr. B. Odonjil, Director for America, Middle East and Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Mongolia, and Mr. Z. Battushig, Vice Chairman of Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade Agency of Mongolia.

Distinguished US energy experts were invited to talk. Gochioco joined the Clean Coal Technology and Coal Power Production panel and gave a talk on “Underground Coal Gasification”. Mr. B. Bayarsaikhan, Head of Coal Research Subdivision – Mineral Resource Authority of Mongolia, also joined the panel. As a result, Gochioco added an overview of the past strategic alliance and activities between Conoco and Consol when they formed their Coal Research Division.

Gochioco gave a talk about the past activities of the former Conoco Coal Research Division and Underground Coal Gasification.

LMG&A Inc. was one of three corporate sponsors for this event and the other two were Peabody Energy and NAMBC.

Surface Seismic Projects

LMG&A Inc. continues to add more US coal companies to their client list. The high-resolution 2D and 3D surface seismic techniques are conducted to detect geologic anomalies that could adversely impact underground mining conditions. The seismic method was once the exclusive domain employed by Consol Energy to fully evaluate their reserve blocks. As a result, Consol longwall mines are safer and more productive than most competitors.

LMG&A Inc. is the only company offering a wide spectrum of geophysical methods to address the complex upstream and downstream challenges of the US coal industry.

19th Annual North American-Mongolian Business Council (NAMBC) Meeting, April 20-22.

Steve Saunders, president of NAMBC, invited Gochioco to be a guest speaker at this year’s annual meeting in Washington DC, as a result of his successful joint venture signing during the 1st official US Trade Mission to Mongolia last September 2008. The title of his talk was “MONGOLIA – Land of Opportunities and Challenges” from the prospective point of view of an exploration geophysicist. He highlighted the importance of applying innovative remote-sensing geophysical technologies as the country is still largely under-explored. Gochioco is committed in training local geoscientists and engineers on the latest US geophysical technologies which will greatly benefit their country and accelerate their exploration programs.

Mongolian TV program producers of “15-Minute Studios”, Batbayar Yondonsambuu and Ganchimeg Sandagdorj, who are currently based in Washington DC covered the event. Select interviews and talks were uploaded to their company website, www.medeleel.com, for airing to the local TV5 station in Ulaanbaatar. The couple is doing a special documentary film series of the USA under the theme “Colors of America”.

5th Annual SERCEL Technology Forum

On April 15, Gochioco gave a talk titled, “Environmental site assessment of oil fields and detecting legacy abandoned oil/gas wells”.


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