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2008 International Coal Conference, New Delhi, INDIA

The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM) of India invited Gochioco to be a Keynote Speaker at their 2008 International Coal Conference with the theme being “COAL – The Road Ahead”. The title of his talk was “Addressing Coal Exploration and Production Challenges with Innovative Technologies”.

Prior to the conference, Gochioco held meetings with a prospective client in Kolkata and Mumbai interested in conducting two onshore high-resolution 3D coal seismic exploration surveys to evaluate and plan the development of their coal reserves.

Colorado School of Mines Seminar

Dr. Tom Davis, Professor – Department of Geophysics, invited Gochioco to present a talk titled “Coal Exploration and Geophysics” to CSM students as part of their Fall Coal & CBM symposium on November 6, 2008.

US Patent and Trademark Office

On October 7, 2008, the USPTO officially granted Lawrence M. Gochioco the rights to two registered trademarks. They are



Any parties or entities interested in using the two above registered trademarks should contact Mr. Gochioco for permission.

1st Certified US Trade Mission to Mongolia

The 1st official and certified US Trade Mission to Mongolia was sponsored and organized by the US Departments of Commerce and State. The mission occurred between September 15 and 19 and coincided with the annual North American Business Council (NAMBC) Investors Conference meeting in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. The mission was lead by Deputy Under-Secretary (DUS) Michelle O’Neill and the delegates represented a good mix of diverse US companies interested in conducting business in the country.

Given Gochioco’s diverse geotechnical and mining background, he was invited to join the trade mission as Mongolia possesses rich mineral deposits that need to be quickly explored and developed to meet growing global demands. As such, his firm’s geotechnical services will be in high demand.

(L to R). Zhen Gong-Cross (Commerce Dept.), Michael Richmond (State Dept.), DUS Michelle O’Neill (Commerce Dept.), Lawrence M. Gochioco, and Wallace Mays.

Ambassador Mark Minton and Lawrence M. Gochioco at US Embassy residence in Ulaanbaatar.

Group picture of delegates of the 1st certified US Trade Mission to Mongolia led by DUS Michelle O’Neill.

Joint Venture Signing (Geophysics)

Jamyanish (Director) and Uguumur Gotovsuren (Manager) of MagicSignals Co. Ltd. and Lawrence M. Gochioco, President – LM Gochioco & Associates Inc. have agreed to form a joint venture in which LMG&A Inc. will provide valuable geophysical support and training in order to enhance the exploration and development of the country’s rich mineral deposit. DUS Michelle O’Neill and trade mission delegates witnessed the signing of this JV.

Mongolia’s 1st US-trained Seismic Crew

The GAC country representative, Lawrence M. Gochioco, returned to Mongolia on his second tour of duty in August 2008 after his first visit in November 2007. This time, he came with a mission to further advance the application of geophysics as the country remained largely underexplored for decades. As global demand for energy resources continue unabated, Mongolia will someday play a strategic role in Asia as a net energy (hydrocarbon) exporter. This goal can only be achieved with the employment of innovative geophysical technologies that can enhance the country’s assessment of its rich and diverse resource base.

Given Gochioco’s extensive knowledge and field experience of various geophysical technologies applied to mineral and petroleum exploration, he was the right SEG member to train the young geophysicists. Figure 1 shows the all-Mongolian seismic crew from MagicSignals Co. Ltd. posing in front of the traditional nomadic house, called a GER, which provided the housing needs. The campsite had four Gers to house the entire 18-person crew. The exploration objective was to image the massive coal deposits beneath this basin which is similar in scale to the Powder River Basin in Wyoming.

Figure 1. The all-Mongolian US-trained seismic crew.

Figure 2. Shallow coal deposits at depths of between 20 and 200 meters required only a 35-kg seismic source. Recording system is housed inside the van (background).

Figure 3. The crew’s operational efficiency and safety are close to US standards.

Moreover, the young Mongolian crew was quick to adopt American sense-of-humor in the field. When Gochioco arrived at the campsite, the crew assigned him to a special Ger, named the “Gerton Hotel” (their version of the Hilton Hotel) which came with its own porta-potty.

With anticipated more funding and support from their government and private sector coupled with their enthusiasm to learn new concepts and ability to work hard, it is a matter of time before these young geophysicists will soon be conducting larger-scale seismic surveys for petroleum exploration in their country within 3 to 5 years.

As a result of increasing global demands for mineral and energy resources (oil, gas, coal, gold, uranium, mine safety, nanotechnologies, etc.), requests for Gochioco’s diverse expertise in various remote-sensing geophysical technologies have been unprecedented. Below is a short list of invited talks at leading symposiums and meetings in the 1st half of 2008.

  1. 2008 International Mine Safety Symposium in Salt Lake City, UT. Title of his talk was “Developing a rapid deployable and portable surface seismic system to detect trapped miners underground”. July 20-22, 2008.
  2. SERCEL – 4th Annual land Acquisition Forum, Houston, TX. Title of his talk was “Diverse geophysical applications outside the petroleum industry”. April 18, 2008.
  3. 35th Annual West Virginia Mining Symposium, Charleston, WV. Title of his talk was “Digital multi-source frequency EM system to detect and image legacy abandoned oil/gas wells and pipelines”. January 9 – 11, 2008.


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