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MSHA - The company completed all the field projects associated with the MSHA geophysical field demonstration contract to detect old abandoned mines were successfully conducted on time and safely.  All three proposed geophysical methods (high-resolution surface seismic reflection, vertical seismic profiling, and underground inseam seismic) were successful in detecting and imaging old mine workings.  The results have been verified by drilling and had good correlation with other geophysical imaging techniques.  Based on internal information gathered about other contractors and academia involved in this field demonstration, the overall program had a low success rate.  However, LM Gochioco & Associates Inc. was one company that had a very high success ratio.  Final reports were submitted to MSHA for their final review and approval.

After safety training, the crew prepares to go underground to
conduct an inseam seismic survey to measure barrier
thicknesses and distances to old abandoned mine works.

Gochioco (left) held a geophysics class to explain to a miner how
the inseam seismic method works.

With valuable support from US coal companies, another successful
underground inseam seismic survey was completed.


Mine Safety & New Technologies – The Sago Mine accident in West Virginia that occurred in January 2006, in which 12 miners died and one survived, forced State and Federal mine authorities to call for technical assistance from the private sector.  One of the key issues was to develop a remote-sensing technology that can be used to find the location of trapped miners underground after an accident.  Since Gochioco continues to maintain close ties with the petroleum industry where advanced geophysical technologies are constantly being developed, he suggested to the committee that a rapid deployable wireless seismic recording system (RDWSRS) can be developed and tested within a year or two.  As a result, the company received a contract from the West Virginia Miner’s Health Safety & Training Division to conduct an exploratory evaluation and feasibility study of such a system.

The next generation of wireless geophones was proudly displayed
at the 2006 SEG convention.


Coal Company Projects – A dramatic increase in requests for more geophysical surveys to address complex challenges in US coal fields were received.  This results from greater awareness in mine safety and the availability of novel remote-sensing technologies that can be used to detect subsurface geologic and man-made anomalies.  Two major coal exploration programs were conducted in which the high-resolution 2D surface seismic reflection surveys were conducted to image seam continuity and to detect a major fault system and old mine works.

The seismic crew is shown collecting high-resolution 2D surface
seismic reflection data in the Appalachia Coal Basin.

Careful planning and execution of field projects will ensure safe
collection of high-quality seismic data.  

The field crew posed for a group picture after safely completing
a major coal seismic exploration project.


Over a dozen electromagnetic (EM) surveys were conducted to detect and image hard-to-find legacy old abandoned oil/gas wells in the Appalachia Coal Basin.  The company client base has grown dramatically.


2nd ICEEG Meeting in China - As China’s economy continues to grow at a record pace, challenges associated with controlling pollution and minimizing environmental impact became a major concern.  Innovative remote-sensing technologies are being explored to address these challenges.  As a result, China held its 2nd International Conference on Environmental and Engineering Geophysics in Wuhan, China, on June 1-3, 2006.  Gochioco was invited and he presented a talk, titled “Detecting hard-to-find legacy abandoned oil/gas wells using the digital EM method”.

An ICEEG banner greeted international delegates.


U.N. Natural Disaster Mitigation Workshop – Following a request from a UNDP senior consultant, the company provided funds to support a workshop to train local community leaders of local government units (LGUs) in the Philippines on the preparedness of potential natural disasters.  The workshop included measures to improve monitoring of local environments that could be associated with precursors of natural disasters.


Alternative Fuels – Building on the founder’s diverse knowledge and expertise on critical energy issues, Gochioco had provided consulting services to several Asian companies involved in developing and marketing alternative fuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel.  Several Asian countries recently passed laws supporting the diversification of their domestic energy mix in order to lessen their dependence on imported petroleum products.  The company continues to explore opportunities that will expand its investment in new ventures, provide consulting services, and to enhance the sales, marketing, and distribution of ethanol and biodiesel in Asia.


2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005

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