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Geo-NanoTechnology Company is the field and research services company of LM Gochioco & Associates Inc., a certified minority-owned small business by the Houston Minority Business Council and a certified HUB business in the State of Texas. The company currently focuses in providing near-surface geophysics services and consulting to address environmental, engineering, hydrogeology, mining, coal, petroleum, energy and national security issues. The company will soon expand into more applied research and development by exploring innovative technologies and processes that can be used to address global challenges.

With a global population of nearly 6.5 billion people, the earth’s natural resources need to be better managed and produced. Energy consumption has to be optimized through improved efficiency and productivity, and minimizing wastes should be a priority. From the company’s point of view, Energy, the Environment, and National Security are three critical issues.

Will there be adequate energy supplies, both renewables and non-renewables, to sustain global economic growth? The addition of China’s and India’s rapid growing economies is straining the world’s limited spare capacities of hydrocarbon supplies. As global economies continue to grow, how will it impact the environment? Are there any measures or technologies out there that could be used to mitigate natural disasters, such as the one major earthquake that struck on December 26, 2004 in southern Asia which spawned destructive tsunamis?

The founder, Lawrence M. Gochioco, has over 20 years of highly-diverse industry experience and possesses the right combination of pragmatic reasoning skills coupled with extensive “hands-on” technical training in various disciplines of geophysical technologies. Gochioco has BS and MS degrees in Physics from Ateneo de Manila University (Jesuit School), Philippines, and Ohio University, respectively. His career started with Explorer Seismic Services, a seismic data processing company. Thereafter, he worked for Geosource Inc., Cities Service Oil & Gas, Consol Energy Inc. R&D (former Conoco Coal Research Division), and GX Technology. As a Conoco geophysicist in 1985, he took over and successfully built a multi-faceted coal geophysics program for a major United States coal company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to address their complex exploration and development program by routinely conducting 2D/3D high-resolution surface seismic surveys – a unique program in the country at that time. He also utilized other techniques (electrical resistivity, electromagnetics, ground-probing radar, magnetometer, etc.) to address their engineering and environmental issues.

He was a pioneer in the field of near-surface geophysics, especially in high-resolution surface seismic methods. His works and publications had extensively been referenced by other geophysicists under the subject of “higher frequencies, improving seismic resolution”. His 15-year tenure at Consol Energy gave him valuable hands-on training and experience in all facets of land survey planning, field acquisition, data processing, interpretation, and research. He joined GX Technology in 2000 and learned the latest innovative seismic imaging technologies (prestack time/depth migration, tomography, AVO, seismic attributes, etc).

During his career, he published over 25 technical papers and feature articles in various journals and magazines. As a result of his experience in various disciplines of geophysics, he was nominated by his peers and became a special editor for Geophysics (1997-2003), and a member of the prestigious TLE Editorial Board (2000-2004) - its chairman in 2003-2004. He continues to present talks and publish papers in various professional society conferences and magazines.

As a result of the founder’s unique diverse training and background, he received an invitation from a senior consultant with the UNDP in 2004 to visit the UN headquarters in New York City to provide geotechnical advises to facilitate their Natural Disaster Mitigation Program. This meeting was captured in greater detail in a published article which appeared in the April 2005 TLE issue.

He is rapidly building a core team of industry-recognized experts and professionals who are highly-motivated and share the same vision as the company founder.

As with any professional development programs, it is imperative that the company stay on top of the latest news or challenges, and explore and test available technologies that could be used to address those challenges. Attending workshops, professional business seminars, conferences, etc. are important. As such, the founder is active in attending committee business meetings, seminars, and workshops that promote critical interactions with the world’s most brilliant minds.

Figure 1. Internationally-renowned energy investment banker, Matt Simmons (left), president & CEO of Simmons and Company, shares some time with Lawrence M. Gochioco on concurrent global energy issues. Simmons recently released a book titled, “Twilight in the Desert”, which could someday become an important reference book.

Figure 2. Pulitzer prize winner, Dr. Daniel Yergin, Chairman of the Cambridge Energy Research Associates Inc, gave a talk on “Globalization” at a Houston World Affairs Council meeting in which Gochioco is an active member. His award-winning documentary book titled, The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power” and his second book about “Globalization” were later produced into popular TV mini-series.

Community Involvement and Social Responsibility

LM Gochioco & Associates (LMG&A) Inc. is committed to making positive contributions to the local community and to be a good corporate citizen. Lawrence M. Gochioco, president & CEO, is a long time member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, & Exploration Inc. He has over the last twenty years demonstrated his strong work ethics which have earned him the respect of his peers, and the honor of having served as a board member of the prestigious TLE Editorial Board – becoming its chairman on the 2003-2004 term. In addition, he is currently nominated to the Secretary-Treasurer position of the 2005-2006 SEG Executive Committee. He is also a board member of the Katy Sunrise Rotary Club.

Thus, the company pledges:

  • We will, as a company and as individuals, take responsibility for our actions.
  • We will deal fairly and honestly, as a company and as individuals, with all our clients, subcontractors, suppliers, the public, and each other.
  • When making decisions, we will as a company and as individuals, consider the impact of our decisions on others, the community, and the environment.
  • We will consistently try to give the highest level of performance to each client always updating our technical skills to better serve them.
  • We will give back to our community and society, and make a commitment to its health and well-being.
  • We will respect our co-workers and recognized their needs as professionals.
  • The company will provide financial support to family-oriented activities such as Little League baseball, scouting, sponsor local events, participate in fund-raising programs, etc. to bolster greater local community awareness and caring.

The company was a recent sponsor to the 2nd Annual Katy Sunrise Rotary Club Fun ‘N Run event held on May 14, 2005, at Cinco Ranch in Katy, TX.

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